Whole 30 – Day30 !!!

It’s OVER!!!  Last day of my Whole30!!    I’m so glad it’s done, as I didn’t like the absolute restrictions of the program but I understood why they were necessary.  I almost quit halfway through, so I’m glad I went public on the blog, to my friends, family and co-workers, so I had to see it through.  Everyone was amazingly supportive and I appreciate everyone’s ancouragement.

Starting weight: 189 lbs
Final weight:  187 lbs

Although I only lost a couple pounds, my shorts that I could hardly button before Whole30 are now almost falling off, so it seems that I lost inches.  Others have commented as well.  

My main goal for Whole30 was to heal my digestive tract and develop better habits, and I feel that I achieved that.   

Long term, I think this will continue to affect my eating/shopping habits.  I don’t plan to continue to strictly follow the program.  But these are some changes I think I will continue:

– Avoid artificial sweeteners 
– Read labels – avoid preservatives & added sugar
– Dine out less frequently
– Cook from scratch more often
– Avoid prepared sauces
– Avoid packaged foods
– Avoid grains
– Avoid dairy and whey protein

Basically, I think I’ll continue to eat 80% Paleo with a treat once or twice a week. In future, if I do another detox I may customize it a little more based on my known allergens/irritants.

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