Epi-Paleo Leptin Reset and Cold Thermogenesis

So….part of the Epi-Paleo diet I am starting now is about cold thermogenesis.

Technically, you’re not supposed to do this part until after Part 1 Leptin Reset but I’m impatient.

I am easing into the Leptin reset by eating a big protein breakfast and not eating after 7:30 pm. Last night I was successful and didn’t need to snack. Same with this morning.

I checked my protein grams today & still too low – only 24 grams instead of 50. I added some MCT oil also. I think I need to have hamburgers & eggs for breakfast.

So for lunch I went to In-n-Out & got 2 double hamburgers (they’re thin) without the buns. Definitely not hungry now!!

The cold thermogenesis idea is intriguing but potentially dangerous – I recommend you read the process carefully at JackKruse.com if you want to try it. The idea is that fat dies off at low temperatures. Not sure if this will work, but feeling great after trying it. It seems to have stimulated my thyroid & circulation.

Again, I’m not following the timing or rules correctly so don’t copy me – follow the rules on the website. But my version was that I tried immersing my hands and then elbows in ice water for short periods the first day. Then yesterday I took a cold bath (no ice) just up to mid- thigh. Added about another inch of more cold water after about 10 min, then got out after another 5. I think it helped that the external air temperature was quite warm.

I slept really well – in fact I took a nap right after my bath and this morning I woke up refreshed before my alarm, which is not usual. My left foot is less numb today than usual also. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I think I’m going to try to ease into more cold baths and raise the water level eventually. And this winter I will try not to turn the heat on unless it’s really cold. My office is also very cool so I’ll stop wearing a sweater/jacket. As long as I don’t get sick, it’s worth a try. We shall see!

Update: Took another cold bath again next day with same result – short nap after bath and very refreshing sleep at night. I was able to add more water this time. This will be part of my new daily routine!! My sleep has been poor for years, so even if it doesn’t melt the fat I’m already happy with the results. Further improvements reducing my foot numbness also.

OMG update: I have a hard 1/2-inch lipoma (fatty tumor) next to my left shinbone for past year. Was planning surgery once my circulation improves. In 2 days the lipoma is significantly softer!!!! This is a really big deal. I am liking cold thermogenesis in a big way!!! I am plagued with lipomas and would definitely prefer cold baths vs surgery!!

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