Epi-Paleo Diet – UGH 50 G protein!!

OK, I am loving the Leptin reset so far but my digestive system can’t handle all the required breakfast protein. I can’t digest it all and I’m not even up to 50 g yet. Plus it’s so hard to eat all that food so early in the morning. I’m still basically in transition and not fully on the plan yet.

I don’t want to be dependent on laxatives – the whole point here is to be healthy. So I am switching over to whey protein again for a bit.

I’ll have either a double Primal shake OR 2 Quest almond protein bars, with either 2 eggs OR 4 slices bacon to get up to 50 g. OR 4 eggs, 4 slices bacon and a bar or shake. Still a lot of food!! I never though I could get sick of bacon….

I’ll have to count 50 net carbs/day instead of total carbs, since the fiber in the shakes/bars would comprise most of my daily carb allowance otherwise, and I’ll need some veggies too.

I did some reading and I might be ok with the whey protein despite my dairy allergy, but I’m still concerned about insulin stimulation. Guess it will be OK for 2 months. May have to occasionally do hamburger/eggs for breakfast sometimes to balance it out.

Off to take a cold bath – yay! Die, fat, die!

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