Epi-Paleo Diet – Update

Still easing into the full Leptin reset. Doing the full 50 grams of protein at breakfast now. I backslid and had added more carbs since I had less appetite but it showed up in the scale. Starch just needs to be a moderation thing for me.

Doing the cold baths daily – I took 2 yesterday because it was around 100 degrees. The lipoma in my leg is getting softer and shrinking more. I had some borderline varicose veins that seem to be shrinking as well.

I got brave one day and added 2 trays of ice. Felt a sharp pain in my arm – kind of a tiny pop- and saw a green bruise forming about 1/2 inch in size. I think I burst a capillary, soooo foregoing the ice and just doing the cold baths. I can’t do a cold shower yet except at the end, which feels great.

Not eating between meals or after 7:30 pm AT ALL now. Feeling more in control. The carbs aren’t helping though – yesterday I got super hungry right at noon and felt I had to eat NOW. I think pretty soon I’ll try to cut back to 40 grams protein and then 30 at breakfast. The whey protein is messing with my sinuses and I want to go back to just eggs and bacon. If I eat a healthier lunch & dinner that will happen faster.

So the last part of the Leptin reset I need to comply with is 50 carbs/day. I’m nowhere near that right now – need to lay off the bananas and grapes for sure. I think next week I’ll start counting carbs.

Once I get done with the reset in November, I think I’ll settle into a Paleo diet 80/20 in a range of 50-75 net carbs. Seems like that’s the best formula for me personally for long-term success.

Did more research online and it appears I have the symptoms of stage 3 adrenal fatigue. Not at all surprised by this. So I’m backing off on the Leptin protocol and I’ll just do a moderate carb Paleo diet for now. I’ll continue to eat mainly protein at breakfast but if I feel I really need a snack I’ll have nuts or coconut butter. I’ll watch my carbs, but more through good choices rather than actual counting. Just going to focus on eating healthy and reducing stress. I might see if my endocrinologist or gyn can have a hormone lab work up done on me in the near future. I’m sticking with the cold baths though!

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