Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Due to my recent self-diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, I decided to make my fall wardrobe super simple.

Most of these items are a carry-over from previous seasons in neutral colors. Since I live in coastal Southern California, I can just add a cardigan to a short-sleeved top or dress to convert it to an “autumn” outfit.

This year I added a scarf, necklace, a couple tops and 2 dresses in shades of wine, dark red or cinnamon. The scarf & necklace are multicolor.

My wardrobe is mostly dresses as they are a ready-to-go outfit – less of a decision in the morning…

10 dresses, mostly neutrals
Slacks: black, beige, gray
Skirts: black, black/white glen plaid, khaki
Shoes: Black wedges, brown wedges, black heels, black booties, black ballet flats, gold ballet flats
10 tops, mostly solid colors
Black and brown handbags (satchels)
Teal silk & 2 multicolor autumn scarves
Loose jeans & skinny jeans
Khaki raincoat
Cardigans: black, light gray, cream, charcoal, red

This should make for easy modular dressing with a minimum of stress/decisions – I hope!

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