Adrenal Fatigue Update

I’ve been following basic guidelines to heal adrenal fatigue for the past few weeks, with good results.

I’m getting more sleep, avoiding stress, working 8-9 hours per day only, and eating healthy whole food at regular intervals.

I’m starting to notice now that when I have extra caffeine, gluten or sugar it has a negative impact on me. I’ve cut down to one cup of coffee in the morning and that’s working well.

The Paleo diet really works well for adrenal support since it’s based on whole foods. I fell off the wagon for a bit but am getting back into the habit now. I just feel so much better on that diet. I’m really reactive to dairy and gluten now – even when the gluten is an additive. Hopefully that means my gut is healing. I’m still having small amounts of potato (no skin) and white rice.

Even with my adrenal fatigue, I still haven’t gotten the cold or flu since I started low carb back in March!!! I really think cutting out the gluten has improved my immune system – maybe my body can fight viruses better now that I don’t have chronic acid reflux.

I still don’t have much energy but it’s improving. From what I’ve read, it takes a minimum of 3 months to recover and in my case, probably a couple of years. So I’ll just focus on stress reduction and healthy habits and I’ll get there eventually. I am encouraged by my improvement so far.

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