Natural Leptin Reset

I’m happy to report that the adrenal fatigue protocol has really worked!!

Already I’m noticing that I have more energy and am now walking about 30 minutes daily. I walk on a treadmill and sometimes I take a lot of breaks, but every day is better. I’ll start yoga also soon. I started doing a little arm work with 8-lb weights as well.

My Leptin situation has also resolved itself – I suddenly am not hungry between meals so I’ll probably start naturally losing weight soon. I also don’t seem to need caffeine anymore but still have a little bit. I was still eating some Paleo “treats” and honey so for now I’m cutting way back on those. Also cutting back on some of my supplements.

Seeing really good results MUCH faster than I expected! Still taking it easy on my adrenals though ! Long road ahead.

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2 Responses to Natural Leptin Reset

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Great news! I am happy for you.

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