So This Is What “Metabolically Normal” Feels Like…..

Well, it’s been a long road, but I really seem to be beating this adrenal fatigue and getting my metabolism in order. My Leptin and Ghrelin are functioning properly and I FINALLY appear to be fat-adapted. After 20 years of reactive hypoglycemia this is s big deal for me.

I no longer am hungry between meals and today I skipped lunch because I was doing errands that ran long and I didn’t want to eat junk food.

I’m still able to exercise a little and have much more energy, but I guess I’ll need to be careful for awhile. I tried Tabata interval training – first time was ok, 2nd time I got REALLY dizzy so I’ll stick to just gentle exercise for now.

I feel much better already but I still have issues related to adrenal fatigue such as sporadic cognitive issues (like not being able to do simple addition, or saying the wrong word) and extreme light sensitivity.

I’m happy that my appetite has normalized though and I’m very happy with the Paleo diet (plus white rice& potatoes). I have splurged on gluten free cookies a bit lately, but in general I’m learning to like the taste of real food now. I haven’t weighed myself lately but I can tell from my chin and eyes that I’ve lost more weight without trying, probably a couple more pounds.

I treated myself to a week of Pete’s Paleo home delivery, and my meals will arrive in 5 days! I’ll let you know how I like them! They have great online reviews. If they’re yummy, it might be nice to order once in a while for variety.

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