Growing Into Paleo

Every day is getting easier.

I’m starting to have some regular go-to recipes that I can make from memory now. I’m making larger servings that I can save or freeze. I’m trying new foods like bison and rutabaga (both yummy!).

I still have slip ups. My top priorities when I eat out are no gluten or dairy as they can affect me for 3-4 days. But last week I had a whole container of meringue cookies. They are gluten and dairy free but still. I was disappointed in myself.

But yesterday, I went to a holiday banquet and ate perfectly. I ignored the desserts and cheesy potatoes and ate chicken, roast beef with au jus, veggies and a little fruit and a couple bites of rice. And drank unsweetened iced tea. I did have a Larabar when I got home because my sweet tooth was crying after seeing the dessert buffet. But I was glad I made the right choices.

For Thanksgiving I ate perfectly except for dessert – turkey, ham, veggies and fruit. I turned down stuffing for the first time ever (next year I will make Paleo stuffing). I did have 2 ginger cookies and a thin slice of pumpkin pie with no crust – and had a stuffy nose & heartburn for 3 days!! The pie was worth it but not the cookies. Gluten is not my friend.

I feel like I’m developing a better understanding of the effect food has on how I feel and I hope that will help me with my goal of doing strict Paleo in 2015. I really like my progress so far and want to improve even more!

Super easy new dish that I tried this week:

I took 2 fresh organic, pastured chicken breasts and sprinkled them on both sides with salt, onion & garlic powder and Herbes de Provence (a mix of dried lavender and other spices).

Then I sliced a yam in thick slices and dabbed avocado oil on both sides, also sprinkled with salt. I baked in the oven at 350F for 20 mins then flipped it all over, increased the heat to 375 and cooked another 20 min. Next time I think I’ll do 4 breasts and start at 375. It was sooooo good! Even froze and reheated well but next time I’ll dab some oil on the chicken too. The potatoes kind of carmelized on the end. Really yummy & easy!

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2 Responses to Growing Into Paleo

  1. Jade Mihalicz says:

    Love this! I have the same reaction to gluten when I slip up on Paleo…

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