My 1st Gluten-Free Christmas!

I started eating low-carb early last year (March?) so this was my first gluten-free Christmas!

Since I am spending the holidays with family, I decided to focus on gluten free rather than low-carb or Paleo.

I think I may actually have Celiac Disease, so I’m really trying not to make any exceptions to the gluten.  I keep getting small unintentional cross-contamination exposures though but overall my digestion is a huge improvement over previous holidays.  It helps that my sister-in-law has been amazingly supportive in preparing gluten-free meals.  For breakfast I mostly have beef jerky or quest bars, but the whey in the bars was an issue after a few days since I’m allergic to dairy.

I found a great app for my iPhone – DineGF, that is helping me make good choices dining out.  I also downloaded a pdf from and saved to my phone bookmarks – it lists choices for most fast food places.  

I’ve been doing more research online to avoid cross-contamination. I’m realizing that things like lipstick and supplements have to be checked too.  Also I need to get a new toaster – duh!  No wonder I get sick whenever I eat Vans “gluten free” waffles.  

Next time I see my endocrinologist I’ll request we add the DNA test for Celiac when I get my usual blood tests soon. I don’t want to get the regular blood test or endoscopy biopsy yet because I’d have to add gluten back to my diet first.  I already have 13 crowns and my gums aren’t currently doing well due to previous acid reflux – I’m afraid of losing teeth, so I’ll heal first and maybe do the other tests later if I need further treatment than diet.  I haven’t had any cavities or crowns since cutting out gluten. Last November I got 3 crowns in 1 month!

In the meantime, I’ve been checking out some good celiac blogs for advice:

I also bought the books by Jennifer Esposito and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and Gluten Is My Bitch (there is also a blog with the same name).

Cutting out gluten completely is really making a difference to how I feel.  I want to start losing weight again, so I think I will try low carb again after the holidays as my adrenal fatigue is much improved.    I am also considering a GAPS diet to help heal my digestive tract and resolve my food allergies, although I am slowly improving.

I found a great Holiday cookbook “Against All Grain – Thankful” by Danielle Walker with some great Paleo/GF recipes that I want to try next year.  

Just realized I need to update my blog intro and put up some before/after pics – will do that soon.

Will add links later!  Happy Holidays!l

UPDATE: Uuggggggh – my brother didn’t realize soy sauce has gluten and he used in the brine for the turkey for Xmas dinner – I am scarfing down the Tums big time right now….good thing my outfit was not tight!

UPDATE #2: Wow!!! Not sure I actually NEED to get tested for Celiac disease. After a night of gas & bloating and painful sharp abdominal cramps (even with Tums), I had diarrhea all the next day, a horrible red puffy rash on my face, and my knees and toes swelled up so badly it was painful to walk/stand. A GREAT time to go to post-Christmas mall sales with family! I know where all the bathrooms are now. Thank God for Immodium AD, which at least slowed me down some. It was a pretty minor gluten exposure; I ate maybe 2 ounces of the turkey that was brined in soy sauce. Leftovers tonight – I really hope it was JUST the turkey! I’m scared to eat dinner…..I think I’ll just have beef jerky!

UPDATE #3: ugh I got more cross-contamination again at a restaurant the next day. I should have asked for details on the sweet potato fries. I found a gluten digestive supplement at Amazon from NOW Foods – it’s to help reduce the worst symptoms when you get an accidental gluten exposure. Drinking lots of water, and antacids, helps too. Will let you know if the supplement works!!

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2 Responses to My 1st Gluten-Free Christmas!

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your healthier self.

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