Gluten-Free New Year’s Eve!!

Happy New Year!!  Really looking forward to 2015.

New Years Eve has been a MUCH more successful gluten-free holiday for me than Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I tried out my new gluten blocker pills from Now Foods and they worked!!  

It’s a good thing the pills work because I have SIX bottles of the stuff!  The product name is “Gluten Digest.”  I had ordered 2 bottles from Amazon, but then the tracking email indicated it wouldn’t arrive in time for New Years Eve.

They didn’t have it at the grocery store so I ordered 2 more bottles FedExEd overnight from  They accidentally sent a double order, so now I have a LOT!  The other order arrived from Amazon after all too!  I’ll still be super careful though to avoid gluten.  

I’m not totally sure if it was the pills that worked or if I just didn’t get exposed to any gluten at the party.  I think I did get a slight exposure somewhere or maybe a small reaction to the pill, but feeling much better than usual.  

The party was fun, and I enjoyed it even more knowing that I won’t be sick for the next 4 days!!

I stuck to champagne, corn chips, 7-layer dip, veggies, and deviled eggs.  I brought the veggies & deviled eggs & a couple Larabars to be sure I had “safe” food to eat. 

**UPDATE: OK this Gluten Digest pill – hmmm. I got glutened a little bit at a restaurant recently and still had symptoms after taking the Gluten Digest pills. I checked into these pills’ ingredients further and basically they’re just digestive enzymes. So I think they do help a little in breaking stuff down, but they’re really not protection against gluten, basically a “snake oil” situation here. I was just desperate for some relief I guess. I don’t think I’ll buy them again. I’ll just go back to my regular probiotic and take Pepcid if I get an accidental exposure. They also contain maltodextrin! I found out my regular Chewyzymes also contain barley and maltodextrin, so I’m ordering another chewable enzyme that is gluten free.

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2 Responses to Gluten-Free New Year’s Eve!!

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Happy New Year to a new healthier you!

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