Wow! No Holiday Weight Gain This Year…

My scale battery had to be replaced, and I apprehensively put in new batteries this morning – wow! Good news – I did not even gain one pound over the holidays!

I have been eating quite a bit more starch & sugar over the past month. I stayed gluten free but fell off the Paleo bandwagon.

Wow – I guess this means my body has really accepted the new set point 30 pounds lower! Unfortunately I still have a lot more to lose so I need to repeat the process.

Gonna scale back & start eating the basics again: eggs, meat, veggies, fruit & nuts. My nut allergy seems to be improving after cutting out gluten 100%.

I also have a BIG improvement in my peripheral leg and arm numbness after switching to a liquid multivitamin (1st Step is the brand – bought at grocery store). I just started taking it yesterday but it’s weird – my vision already seems sharper! And my circulation is better. Hoping this will save a couple teeth that are badly decalcified even with a liquid K2 supplement. Maybe I was just having issues with vitamin absorption. In the past few weeks, my hair has started to look much shinier & healthier too!

UPDATE: 2 more awesome and free GF apps I can recommend: Find Me Gluten Free (even more restaurant choices by city/zip) and ipiit (a scanning app – just scan the barcode with your phone and it will confirm if gluten free!).

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2 Responses to Wow! No Holiday Weight Gain This Year…

  1. Being fit helps 🙂 good job!

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