Gluten Free Bunco Nite

So this weekend I went to a super fun bourbon tasting party. I checked and since alcohol is distilled, I should be OK drinking bourbon with no gluten aftereffects. I brought some meds just in case! It did burn my stomach a little right after the shots but was fine after a couple minutes (and some water!) BTW, there were ten varieties of bourbon. I just had a little of each though. And a glass of wine! LOL. My friend drove me there and back, FYI. Plus it started at 2:30 pm and it ended at 11 pm so we were there for awhile.

Anyway, I did great for the appetizers – stuck to the raw veggies that I brought plus cheese, fruit and a bacon appetizer (I checked on the ingredients). I had also eaten something before I left for the party and brought a couple Larabars just in case.

I messed up at dinner though. I had been embarrassed to bring my own entree, and ended up just eating a plate of plain lettuce for dinner. That drew a bit of attention. I should have just brought something safe. People kept asking if I was vegetarian. Oops.

I resolved to do better at Bunco tonight. Well, I’m happy to say that Bunco was a big success!!

I brought my own veggies and gluten free corn chips & guacamole for appetizers to share.

For dinner, I brought a precooked chicken thigh wrapped in plastic wrap in a baggie and asked the hostess if I could keep it in the fridge until dinner. I brought a mini container of salad dressing too.

It was a potluck served buffet style. When it was time to eat, I grabbed a plate, was 3rd in line and put salad on my plate before they could add dressing & toss it. Then I scooted over to the fridge and stealthily added my own cold chicken & salad dressing. No one even paid attention! My entree looked similar to another that was served.

It was surprisingly EASY! I thanked my hostess later for being flexible & she really didn’t mind at all. She told me I should try Nut Thins – she loves them! LOL. She said a few of her other friends are going gluten free too.

I felt REALLY empowered and it went so smoothly – and I feel GREAT!! No gluten after effects!! I really feel like I can DO this!

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5 Responses to Gluten Free Bunco Nite

  1. gfreeirish says:

    Thats what I do now bring my own food and snacks when the I’m going to ny friends house its much better than been hungry for the night!

  2. Audrey Ward says:

    I love Blue Diamond almond nut thins

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