Food Allergies Improving On Gluten-Free Diet

Wow – my food allergies are REALLY starting to improve after committing to 100% gluten free. I have been about 95% gluten free the past year but that last bit really is helping.

My food allergies are really improving now. Most are resolved. I still react to dairy, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, almonds, strawberries, sulfites and chocolate but the symptoms are greatly reduced. Previously I would get laryngeal edema, anaphylaxis, asthma and a “squeezing” sensation in my heart. Now I get slight congestion, sinus, a slightly sore throat and red eyes. And a tiny bit of lip swelling. Not fantastic, but doesn’t require an Epi-Pen either. Not even sneezing except from dairy the next day. I think it will just continue to get better and hopefully these will resolve as well. Hanging on to the liquid Benadryl & epinephrine for now though. I think this is a sign my gut is healing, although it really is sensitive. Between the bourbon shots & some gluten-free wing sauce the other nite, my tummy is sore (but better than being glutened). Guess I need to stick to bland food for a bit after my accidental Christmas glutening episodes.

My hair is super fluffy after starting the liquid multivitamins. My hairdresser is excited about how much thicker my hair is now. Liquid vitamins are definitely working well. My gums are also getting tighter. I did also buy an antibacterial Oral-B rinse last week for bleeding gums that I’ll use for the rest of this week. My erosion on the one tooth seems to have stopped and one dark spot is getting lighter. I’m due for a dentist appointment soon anyway so he can check it again. We’ve been “watching” that tooth for about a year.

UPDATE: OK this Gluten Digest pill that I talked about in a previous post – hmmmmm. I did an update in that post but also posting here in case you don’t see it. I’ve revised my previously positive opinion. I got glutened a little bit at a restaurant recently and still had symptoms after taking the Gluten Digest pills. I checked into these pills’ ingredients further and basically they’re just regular digestive enzymes. So I think they do help a little in breaking stuff down, but they’re really not protection against gluten, basically a “snake oil” situation here. I was just desperate for some relief I guess. I don’t think I’ll buy them again. I’ll just go back to my regular probiotic and take Pepcid if I get an accidental exposure. They also contain maltodextrin! I found out my regular Chewyzymes also contain barley and maltodextrin, so I’m ordering another chewable enzyme that is gluten free from Amazon. I’ll share more after I give it a try.

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