Paleo vs. Gluten Free vs. Low Carb

Which is better for optimal health, the Paleo diet, low carb or gluten free?

I guess it depends on your goals and particular health situation. 

I started low carb last February and I haven’t been sick since!  I also lost 30 pounds and reversed my Metabolic Syndrome. The version I followed was Atkins, and of the 3 diets, I think it’s the easiest to follow. Easy to dine out etc. I’m glad I started with that one. 

After 6 months, my weight loss with Atkins stopped no matter how low I cut my carbs. My hair also started falling out and my thyroid was down by 25%. I still think low carb works for me , just not super-low carb. 

 I moved on to Paleo. I lost 5 more pounds and felt much better. It was more difficult to adapt my lifestyle, though. After a couple months of Paleo, I switched to a moderate carb diet, excluding dairy and gluten. I gained five pounds back but maintained the rest. Still never got sick. 

 Around the holidays, I switched to gluten free only. Although my allergies & digestive issues significantly improved from strict compliance, my overall well being declined. I started to have sugar cravings again and basic meat-and-veggie meals lost their appeal. 

 For 2015, I’ve decided to proceed with a diet that includes the best (for me) of all three concepts: 

  1. Keep my carbs on the low side, between 50 – 150/day, 
  2. Focus on whole, unprocessed foods
  3. Keep my sugar intake low
  4. Strict gluten-free compliance 

 I think for me that gluten is my first priority but sugar is the second. I can tell it affects me physically and mentally. 

 I also am taking liquid multivitamins, a probiotic, L-Glutamine, digestive enzymes and fish oil to help my GI tract & immune system heal, & reduce my systemic inflammation. 

 Although I feel I have a way to go to reach “good health,” if I look back over the past year I see a tremendous improvement in my quality of life. That motivates me to keep pushing forward.

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7 Responses to Paleo vs. Gluten Free vs. Low Carb

  1. The most comprehensive diet out there for paleo is probably the bulletproof diet because it takes into account the science of the chemical reactions in your body and not just the anthropological data like the paleo diet. It might be of interest to you to check that out. Also Sweden’s national health policy has been recently switched back to a fat based approach. They have a ton of scientific info out there. I think their English site is called LCHF (low carb high fat) and is run by the diet doctor.

  2. littlebiteof says:

    Good post that shows that everyone is different and there are different external influences to consider too. The majority of the time I stick to a low carb (inbetween 30g – 100g per day), reasonably high fat and moderate protein, I still have dairy in my diet because it works for me (and I love cheese too much to give it up) and the only added sugar I would have comes from a little spot of honey every so often.
    I think everyone is different and needs to find what works for them – key thing is don’t give up and know that one little slip should not lead into a binge and know that once you have found the perfect diet for your body you will feel great.

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