Gluten Free Jury Duty Lunch

I’m doing jury duty today at the Central Justice courthouse in Orange County, CA.  I was worried in advance about lunch.  They actually have good options here.

I tried to check my options in advance online, but they just said there was an onsite cafeteria and restaurants nearby.

At break, I checked out the cafeteria and noted they had chef salad.  The dressing had malt/barley but I brought my own Walden Farms packet.  I had a little of the salad meat and my stomach tightened up, so I stuck up the  veggies & had a Pepcid pill just in case.  No further ill effects though – probably just paranoid.  I also bought a payday candy bar & corn snacks.

They also let you bring food from home – I did bring some water, macadamia nuts & “Paleo bars” from Steve’s Paleo Goods just in case so I have tons of food.  Haven’t been picked for a case yet but if I am, I’ll probably just bring lunch from home each day.  Pretty impressed overall with their organization at this location.    

They had cooked food too but I didn’t feel like interrogating the staff.  They seemed really nice and I don’t think they’d have minded.  

This weekend I’m having dinner with a friend and the first restaurant we checked had a gluten free menu!  And it’s Italian (Brunos in Brea)!  It’s gratifying how many restaurants offer this now.

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