Gluten-Free Dining Awesomeness at Bruno’s in Brea, CA

My friend and I had dinner tonite at Bruno’s Italian Kitchen in downtown Brea, CA tonight.  What a great experience!

I’d kind of given up on being a foodie these days what with the gluten free and Paleo diet lately. But I’ve had some really good experiences recently.

We started with wine and my friend vouches for their bread being good.  We had the Carpaccio (thinly sliced rare beef tenderloin with capers & arugula) for an appetizer which had great flavor.

They have a separate gluten free menu with several options and also have gluten free pasta.  I had the Pollo al Mattone for my entree which is half a roasted chicken with rosemary red potatoes and roasted peppers.  Yes, I took leftovers home! 

Then we had TWO desserts because why not?  My favorite was the Budino (thick caramel pudding with chocolate on top and whipped cream.  I just had a taste of the chocolate since I’m still recovering from allergies.  (I only had a teensy reaction but took a couple epinephrine pills just to be safe after). 

The other dessert was the Panna Cotta which was light and fluffy – really good also.

The service was great and it had a fun ambience for Saturday night.  They let us relax and didn’t rush us out although they were busy.

The gluten free menu is also on Yelp which made it easy to pick options in advance.  Great experience and will definitely go back as my friend lives inland so it’s halfway between us.  There’s also a cute place nearby that sells cupcakes & french macarons but I was too full already.  

My friends are being SO AWESOME and understanding about dining out with the whole gluten free thing and tell me to stop apologizing, LOL.  They’re super excited to see all the great changes to my health, too! 

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