Great Dentist Visit – Thumbs Up for Paleo Diet

Just returned from a trip to the dentist.  This checkup further validated to me that Paleo/lower carb/gluten free is the best diet option for my health.

The dentist said my teeth look GREAT after 13 months gluten free (and mostly low-ish carb/Paleo).  I feel that I’m still eating too much sugar, but he said the pH balance of my mouth has changed now.  

I was supposed to possibly get a crown today on a tooth that’s been decalcifying for years.  Today the dentist suggested we wait and check it again in 6 months because my tooth enamel looks so much better overall now – he thinks it might resolve on its own!  So exciting.

I already have several crowns and numerous fillings, so just to know the dental erosion has stopped is wonderful!  I haven’t needed any fillings or crowns in over a year now.  

This just confirms that I’m on the right path, and I plan to stick more strictly to my Paleo diet going forward!  

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