Numb Feet:  My N=1 Solution

My health has greatly improved over the past year with a switch to a more whole-food approach to eating.  

Some great improvements include:

  1. My teeth are no longer transparent and breaking off
  2. No illness in 13 months
  3. Better sleep/no sleep apnea
  4. Digestive issues resolved
  5. Weight loss
  6. Improved cognitive function
  7. Improved allergies

Some areas I continue to struggle with are low energy and light sensitivity, I think due to recovery from adrenal fatigue.  I also have had a real challenge with leg circulation.  Recently, I started getting pockets of edema (fluid) in my hands, feet & legs and increased numbness in my feet & legs – and I knew I really needed to take action ASAP.

In the past I have discussed this with doctors and was just told to exercise.  I decided I would see a vascular specialist if I didn’t see some improvement soon – but I really don’t want drugs or surgery unless absolutely necessary.

After a lot of Internet searches and trial & error, I think I’ve hit on the perfect formula for my road to recovery:

  1. 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day ( usually 1)
  2. 1-3 baby aspirin per day (usually 1 unless I have pain)
  3. 30 minutes light walking daily (sometimes just at a stroll)
  4. Do 10 yoga sun salutations daily (not holding pose very long)
  5. Massage legs/feet daily
  6. Elevation of legs (best is straight up against a wall)
  7. Drink plenty of water
  8. Take 1 natural diuretic capsule daily
  9. Very low sugar intake
  10. Eliminate grains
  11. Moderate salt intake.

For me, this seems to be the magic formula.  I didn’t realize how numb my left leg was until the feeling started to come back.  Hopefully the diuretic is just temporary but it’s helping a lot.  I usually don’t drink daily but a little bit seems to be beneficial but then a few drinks makes my feet puff up, so it’s a balance.  I was kind of salt deficient until recently, but now salt affects me so I guess my adrenals are improving.  I should mention that I was previously prediabetic, so my circulation issues are partly related to that condition.

Previously, my toes had a kind of Reynaud’s-type color look with the top joint white and below that greenIsh  or blue (if cold).  That has mostly gone away now – I’m glad because it was freaking me out!!

I’ve seen significant improvement now in just 4 days after starting the diuretic, but then I ate some gluten-free cookies and my feet puffed up again.  Sugar is much more inflammatory than I think a lot of people realize!

UPDATE: It’s working!!!! Unfortunately it’s slow progress and sometimes I have mild pain or discomfort.  But major improvement.  I also found that taking cool baths help and I don’t get the ruptured capillaries I experienced with very cold baths.

I also realized I am severely deficient in magnesium & B12 due to taking the maximum dose of extra-strength antacid daily for 14 years (before going gluten-free).  I may go back to the Primal Blueprint Master Defense formula vitamins again, as it’s easier than taking all these individual supplements.  I’ve been reading that B12 and magnesium apparently have a big impact on weight loss, energy, dental health and peripheral extremity numbness, so I’m looking forward to even more improvement soon in these areas, hopefully!

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