Magnesium + B12 = Magic!

Wow.  Just…!  I figured out, finally, via Dr. Google Search, that most of my remaining health issues could be attributed to Magnesium and B12 defiency. 

What gave this additional support is that I took the max dosage – or more – of Extra-strength antacids daily for 14 years due to severe gluten intolerance issues.  Apparently antacid abuse is a common cause of these defiencies. Also, the top of my feet turned very yellow and I developed a bad twitch recently in my left eye.  These also came up as possible signs of deficiency.

I had tried B12 before, but I this time I purchased a high potency liquid form that you hold in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing.  Two days later, my energy and mood is already improving!! Significantly!! 

I ordered a high-absorption magnesium lysine in the mail, but in the meantime I got some calcium citrate & magnesium at the store and and trying to eat more magnesium-rich foods & bathing with Epsom salts.  Really hopeful this will help with my peripheral numbness, cognitive issues, energy and fat loss.  It’s supposed to impact insulin & mitochondria.   This might be the final missing link in my N=1 self-improvement process!

This is making me think that I need to get formally  tested so I can determine any further extreme  nutritional deficiencies.  I’m taking a liquid multivitamin also but I just ordered some more of the Primal Blueprint master defense formula as that works the best for me.   Still also taking L-Glutamine, a probiotic, digestive enzymes and fish oil.  I dropped the diuretic.

Fingers crossed!!  I’ll report back on the results!

UPDATE:  my energy peaks when I take the B12 but then it fades but lasts longer each time.  I was taking 5.000 mcg twice a day (Now Foods Ultra B12 liquid) but I’ll back it off to just 5,000 mcg once per day now.  My feeling is returning much faster to my bad leg & feet now!!  Also, I lost 3 lbs in 3 days!!

Watched a scary You Tube video on B12 deficiency  and it was like my autobiography.  Glad I figured this out!!!

I have a brain training app (Fit Brains) on my iPad – recently, my score went down significantly.  After starting on the B12 regimen my score is already going back up again!  Originally it was “excellent,” then dropped to “average.” Now it’s back to “very good.” Whew!

UPDATE #2: Wow – my feet are actually a normal color!  Just the slightest bit of blue in the 2nd toe joint.  After a week!!!!!   They have been buzzing and tingling for a couple days now, and 75% of the sensation has returned to my legs & feet!  Just the tiniest bit of edema.  My cognitive scores keep going higher on the brain app also!!  B12 is amazing.  I am also still supplementing with magnesium & CoQ10 as well.  I went back to 8,000 mcg/daily of B12, which is crazy, but seems to be what I currently need.  I’ll cut back ASAP when I can, once I can absorb it better or store some up.  1,000 mcg is the clinical dose and what I’d recommend for most people supplementing with extra B12.

UPDATE #3: OK finally I seem to have built up sufficient B12.  Back to a normal 5,000 mcg daily and will reduce to 1,000 soon as I can.  I found a chewable magnesium wafer with calcium & D that seems to absorb better also. Also added additional vitamin C to support my adrenals.  I’m having a upper/lower GI scope in a few weeks so I’ll reduce the dosage in all these vitamins soon and resume after surgery.  Finally have some energy and I’m getting some items crossed off my long-neglected to-do list!

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