Great doctor visit with endocrinologist – yay Paleo!

Had a great checkup with the endocrinologist today.  She was super dubious about my diet last year, but now she says “Keep doing it!”  My A1c is 6.1 and she’s convinced it will be even lower next time.  My cholesterol labs were “amazing.”

She was a bit concerned about my ongoing fatigue so she ordered a sleep study and a CBC & B12 test to check for B12 deficiency/anemia that might have resulted from gluten issues & antacids.

She seems to be on board with the whole gluten-free diet now after my labs improved even more than last year.  My thyroid is back to normal (for me) now that I’m doing about 150 carbs/day rather than 20-50.

Looking forward to two other checkups soon – I used to dread doctor visits but now they are great!  I used to be in a state of increasing health deterioration and now it’s going the other direction – healthier with each visit!

UPDATE:  Here are my cholesterol specifics:

Total: 186

LDL: 123

Non-HDL: 145

HDL: 41

Triglycerides: 110

Chol/HDLC Ratio: 4.5

Hemoglobin A1C: 6.1

Keep in mind that previously I had Metabolic Syndrome for over 10 years and my previous endocrinologist  thought I’d be injecting insulin by now.  Dramatic progress after a year doing Atkins/Paleo/Gluten-Free diets.  I’m still eating too much sugar so a 5.7 A1C is achievable.

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