Wow – Glutathione!

I decided to try the “Glutathione Force” Supplement from the website.  It’s not cheap – $59 USD for 40 servings.  But I’m still having some cognitive issues and I’m starting a new position at work soon,  so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

WOW.  This probably isn’t for everyone, but if you have severe oxidative damage or demyelination you MUST try this!!!!  I’m still recovering from celiac damage.  When  I play the “Fit Brains” app on my smartphone, in the past few months my scores have plummeted from the 70-80% range to the 30-40% range although it has been improving.  Lately it’s been 50 – 66%.  In particular, my scores were lower in Focus, Memory and Problem Solving.  Speed has remained in the 80% range, but the others dropped a lot.

Today I took my thyroid meds, waited 30 minutes, took the glutathione (squeeze 1 ml into a spoon), waited 20 min, and had a protein shake (JJ Virgin brand – no egg or whey but does have sweetener).

Then about 30 minutes later, I tried Fit Brains.  My score went up 8 points overall and in every “bad” category – focus, memory and problem solving.  I  have not been able to get “Focus” to move up for a month!!!  I ordered more glutathione right away!!  I know I’ll do just fine in my new position at work now.  I already have more energy too, although this is my first day without Vitamin B12 (surgery prep) and I didn’t have any coffee!  I think glutathione is a missing piece to my Celiac recovery puzzle.

Warning – this stuff tastes like used gym socks, you have to take it on an empty stomach and it’s a specific formulation – a pill probably wouldn’t work the same.  I checked the Internet for possible side effects and it could negatively impact asthma.  I felt a slight tightness right after I took it but then was ok – but I don’t really get asthma anymore.

Update:  Mid-afternoon the energy dropped off, but otherwise doing great!  My feet seem less numb also but that could be the AIP diet as well.

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