Colonoscopy /Endoscopy over – waiting for biopsy results

i had my upper and lower GI scope yesterday morning and slept most of the remaining day.  I don’t handle anesthesia very well. 

I did keep down  a JJ Virgin vanilla shake with fruit and MCT oil, but in the evening I tried to eat some grapes and those came back up.

Going to the store today for some gluten-free oatmeal as I don’t think I can keep down meat and veggies yet.  Had a couple packets of coconut butter and some regular ginger ale.

It was convenient to do the double scope, but I woke up during the endoscopy and started gagging on the tube and my throat is sore now.  They gave me another bump and I went back to sleep. It really wasn’t a big deal.

The nurse confirmed this was actually just my 8th colonoscopy but I’d had 2-3 endoscopes before also.  Still a lot in 14 years!  I have a follow-up,next Friday, but the nurse gave me a preview.

My upper GI tract is still showing some damage from acid reflux :(.  I guess it will take awhile to heal.  I had my usual 2 polyps but they were much smaller than usual, so that’s an improvement.  Overall the irritation looked much less than usual, so she did think I am improving,   I told her about cutting out the gluten from my diet.  I didn’t have them do a biopsy for celiac since I’ve been mostly gluten free for 1 1/2 years now.

Fingers crossed for the follow-up!

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