AIP Progress

After a couple weeks on AIP, I’ve fallen off the wagon.  I think after my surgery and 3 days of subsisting largely on regular ginger ale, I’ve confirmed that my biggest inflammatory trigger is actually SUGAR.  My whole left foot is numb now and my calf is partially numb as well.  My right knee is very swollen and painful.  I think the bed rest probably didn’t help my insulin level or vascular health either.

So with that in mind, I reintroduced corn tortillas with a little grass-fed butter on Saturday and did fine.  I just can’t eat large or frequent amounts of corn or dairy due  to potential gluten cross-reactivity.  Plus, I’m actually allergic to dairy (confirmed by allergy test) but can tolerate ghee.

Sunday morning I tried reintroducing 2 pastured eggs cooked in a little bit of ghee and a cup of black coffee with good result. So maybe it was the sugar from the meringues and not the egg whites that I reacted to before I started AIP.  I’ll continue to reintroduce foods slowly, but will plan to transition off AIP for now and focus on reducing sugar instead.  I’m going to start tracking carbs again to keep my sugar level in check  – just limiting to a moderate 150 net carbs/day for now and working my way down slowly to about 60 or 70 net carbs.  Can’t go too low or it impacts my thyroid.  I’ll continue to focus on unprocessed foods but probably cut down my fruit consumption a little.

After my summer vacation I think I’ll try the Autoimmune Protocol diet again for a longer period.  It’s pretty restrictive but I do think it was helpful.  I’d like to stay on it until all my symptoms resolve completely, and then reintroduce foods more slowly after a longer period of abstinence, maybe 2-3 months, to check for reactions.

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