Cognitive Improvements

So – wow.  I’ve been posting that I’d noticed some cognitive decline recently.  I’ve been casually taking some supplements like B12, MCT Oil and Glutathione to help improve my memory and focus.

I use a Fit Brains app on my smartphone and my score had declined by about 1000 points. Taking me from excellent to average which alarmed me.

Recently I saw some improvement and was in the very good category, up to about 67% compared to my age group overall. I was seeing incremental improvements of 2-10 points usually when I played.  More like 2-5 points usually.

Well – wow!!  Today it seemed super easy and I did amazingly well.  In one category I went up 200+ points and another I went up 300+ points.  This is super encouraging!!!!!

I think my malnutrition from gluten intolerance is finally getting fixed.  I’ll still finish out the supplements I already have but it’s a good sign.  

I had experimented with carb cycling earlier in the week to reduce my insulin levels.  I lost 4 pounds in 4 days but abandoned it due to fatigue and dehydration.  Maybe I need to revisit that carb back loading concept, since this is such an extreme improvement.  I can try easing into it more gradually.

Update – the categories that improved were visual and memory.  Memory & focus are the two worst for me currently (I do have ADHD also).  I went back and did another exercise but only gained a couple more points.  The first test I did today was on a new device so maybe it calculated my improvement based on an earlier saved score.  My overall percent didn’t go up which is weird. However my scores on the first test were like 100% so I know they were good.  So not sure if it was a glitch, but I am still optimistic! 

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