Facing Hard Facts

I wanted to like this CAD/CALP carb cycling diet.  I really did.

I still think that if I’m in a situation where I’m extremely stressed out (like a recent project I did) and feel I MUST have sweets and carby foods, that partitioning my carbs into a one-hour period daily will do the least damage as far as gaining weight.

However, attempting this CAD/CALP diet the past couple weeks has comfirmed for me that next to gluten, sugar is my #2 issue.  Every time I do the carb meal my legs swell up and get numb.  My heart has been pounding strangely too.  I keep passing out from hypoglycemia. Clearly my health situation is too extreme for big daily swings between low and high carb, and more moderation is needed.

This experiment has reminded me why I did Paleo in the first place – it removed all the chemicals and food sensitivities I was having issues with, including sugar.

So…..looks like it’s back to what worked before, Paleo with low to moderate carbs. I’m adding back moderate amounts of fruit and nuts,  but I’ll save any starch, sweets and alcohol for dining out/social events only.

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