Continued Improvement from Magnesium Supplementation

Wow!   So many of my remaining issues have resolved with these Epsom salt baths!  

My peripheral numbness continues to improve.  I still get it from long periods of inactivity but moving around resolves most of it now.

My sugar cravings are GONE!!!  I mean, I had some chocolate at a party last night but it tasted super sweet and I didn’t want seconds.  

Minimal appetite – I checked online and magnesium improves insulin sensitivity!

My weight gain corresponds to the timeline of my long- term antacid abuse so this is making sense.  I had already started taking a supplement recently after my feet turned bright yellow, but guess it wasn’t quite enough.  I think this was my missing link!! Even things like my 2-week eye twitch and extreme light sensitivity could be attributed to magnesium deficiency.  And any blue in my toes goes away next day after an Epsom bath. Continuing to do them every other day.

I think I need to get an overall panel done to see what nutritional deficiencies may remain.  

Update:  getting better every day!  Continuing with the Epsom baths daily now and seeing ongoing improvement. I realized maybe the oral supplement didn’t work as well because it includes calcium and I’m likely hypercalcemic.  My toe joints and bone spur in my knee are much improved. I have a little more energy now and I’m getting slightly more active. Still having ridiculous hot flashes that last a couple hours but I heard that may improve soon as well.  Sometimes magnesium can have an effect.  Fingers crossed!

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2 Responses to Continued Improvement from Magnesium Supplementation

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    I am so glad your health is improving.

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