Celiac Recovery Update

Most of my celiac symptoms are resolving after 1 1/2 years gluten free now.  A celiac chat group I’m in on Facebook advised me that it usually takes a couple of years to resolve the deficiencies.

I’m still taking magnesium and B12 but have reduced the amounts.   I still have a bit of circulatory issues and numbness but it’s greatly improved.  My teeth are the main area I’m still having issues with, although there is improvement.  

I heard that fermented cod liver oil can work when nothing else does (yuck).  I ordered some in mint flavor from GreenPasture.org which is supposed to be a very bio-available brand.  Fingers crossed!  One tooth still has a couple demineralized spots and they’d have to crown it since I already have a couple fillings, so I hope this works.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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