Metabolic Typing Diets

I’ve been reading a lot about Metabolic Typing diets the past month. 

Apparently most people do OK on a balanced whole food diet (like Paleo or Zone) but some people need extra carbs and others need extra protein/fat, so they need to focus a little more on those macronutrients for optimal health.

The three books I read were “The Metabolic Typing Diet” by William Wolcott, “The ME (metabolic effect) Diet” by Jade & Keoni Teta, and “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning” by Eric Berg.

In all 3 books I came out the same type – the type that needs more protein & fat (Protein Type/Sugar Burner Type/Adrenal Type).  

All the books were helpful but I think the Adrenal profile in Dr. Berg’s book has helped me the best to understand my remaining health issues and confirmed that I also have a Potassium deficiency, which I had suspected.  I think this info will help me stick to a diet focused on meat and veggies more diligently now that I understand the science behind it more clearly and how the right diet & exercise can support my adrenals.

These authors also have blogs and videos online if you want to check out their info before getting a book.  

PS – Update on my fermented cod liver oil supplement:  it finally arrived and it tastes NASTY.  It had better work!

Update – I’ve been doing Dr Berg’s  Liver Enhancement plan for a few days and already have more energy and the edema in my legs is almost gone.  I’m also seeing an improvement in my teeth after just a few days so I guess I gotta stick with the fermented cod liver oil!  Aaack.  I ordered some in capsule form since I really don’t like the taste.

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