Cod Liver Oil Update

Recently I posted that I was going to try the much-hyped Green Pastures fermented cod  liver oil to see if it would help with my severe tooth decalcification.  I had severe acid reflux for 14 years due to gluten intolerance and I already have 13 dental crowns with 1 more imminent.

Not long after I started taking it, I heard  a few Paleo podcasts saying that there is now some controversy about the quality regulation for this particular brand.

I made the decision to finish the bottle I have and then reevaluate whether I’ll repurchase it or switch brands.  The oil has a fishy taste which I dislike, but it does taste fresh.  I do feel much better physically with more energy and I do see significant overall improvement in my teeth, although the main tooth I am worried about may be just too damaged to save.  I’ll crown it in 6 months if it doesn’t improve more – the crumbling stopped but it’s not remineralizing yet.  

I finally feel well enough to start dieting again (cautiously).  I’ve cut back slightly on carbs and am doing moderate walking daily.  Still supplementing with collagen as I think I’m still deficient.

I think this experiment with the cod liver oil does confirm that in addition to the dental acid damage, I was deficient in fat-soluble vitamins, which are the main benefit of cod-liver oil.  I’ve noticed an improvement with my eye muscles also, probably from the Vitamin A.

I also bought an expensive toothpaste called MI Paste that’s supposed to help slow decalcification too.  It contains casein which I’m allergic to, so I don’t use it before bedtime.

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