Slow Progress

Ugh.  Two steps forward, one step back as usual.  I am slowly improving, and was walking very slowly for 30 minutes daily.  Then I broke my toe!

The majority of my issues are resolving but my teeth and bones (and vascular circulation) could still use some improvement.  Guess I still have osteopenia, because I dropped my iPad (corner down) on my little t0e and totally broke it.  At least the bone didn’t need to be set.  I feel like the impact wouldn’t have broken a normal person’s toe, though.  My Reynaud’s/peripheral vascular symptoms have improved but not disappeared yet.  Still getting some intermittent numbness or discoloration in extremities. So hopefully it will heal OK. 

Overall when I look back on the past two years I see SO MANY improvements in my quality of life overall.  I know you can’t just undo 15 years of poor health in 2 years.  But ugh!

Then yesterday my washing machine overflowed a bit and I had to move it to mop up.  I think I tore muscles in my arm.  I am so sick of having to act like an invalid when I want to work out like a normal person!!!!   But I do think my collagen level is improving, I’m seeing a big difference in my face, stomach and arms although I didn’t lose more weight.  

I cut down to 70 carbs for a week & my hair started shedding again!  So I stayed at 130 which felt great except no weight loss.  Gonna try for 100 carbs and work my way down slowly.  Baby steps….

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