Health Update

It’s been awhile since my last post!   No major health improvements since then, but my energy has increased just a little bit.  I’m still supplementing with B12, B6, magnesium, potassium probiotics, and vitamin D.  Still having issues with intestinal absorption so liquid vitamins or through the skin (Epsom salts, sunshine) seems to work best.  Cooking mostly from scratch now and still 100% gluten free.

I recently added B1 Thiamine and that seems to be helping my energy.  Maybe that was the last missing link.  Still not exactly perky but not constantly exhausted either.  Since my thyroid and anemia levels are ok now,  I’m going to start cautiously dieting again.  Nothing extreme though.

Continuing to work from home which is such a big help, and I’m starting to take on some additional responsibilities.

I’m still having nerve/numbness issues and I think I just need to cut refined sugar out of my diet entirely for awhile.  It causes such an inflammatory reaction.  Getting my liver enzymes checked at my next lab appointment, fingers crossed!  I was a little concerned when my feet turned bright yellow last year. Overall though, seeing slow improvement and my adrenal issues are also getting a little better.  

I’m going to have to give up on that one tooth though, and get it crowned in March.  I think this will be crown #14.    The dentist told me it was too decalcified to regenerate but I tried ALL the homeopathic stuff just in case.  But it’s actually crumbling between the 2 teeth now so I gotta give it up.  The bilateral tooth on the other side and the one above that will probably be sacrificed as well eventually.   Then hopefully things will improve.  My gums are much improved and my teeth are no longer transparent  so I know they are healthier.  I can tell my mouth is less acid because the acid used to eat through the dental cement but lately the crowns have stayed in place.  I travel with extra cement just in case though!

This originally started out as a blog on Minimalist philosophy, but then became all about my health drama.  I think I will resume writing some articles on Minimalism again as well, so forgive me for being a bit eclectic with my blog themes!   Now that I’m feeling slightly better and have figured out the majority of my health issues, I’m starting to take some interest in the outside world again.  Eventually I’ll do a redesign of the blog and make it more organized……someday!

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