Giving Intermittent Fasting a Try

I’ve shared in my blog posts that cutting Gluten 100% out of my diet and following a somewhat Paleo diet, moderate carb has provided huge health benefits for me.  

I’ve lost 20 pounds of weight permanently regardless of calorie/carb intake.  I haven’t had a cold or flu in over 2 years.  My anaphylaxis allergies (nuts, chocolate, citrus, sulfites) are gone as long as I take a regular probiotic most days. My colon cancer/polyps and intestinal inflammation are gone.  My GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease) of 20 years is gone.

However. I still have at least 50 pounds to lose and I’d have to lose 80 for an “ideal” weight that I had at 18 years old.  Probably no longer realistic.  I was 5 pounds more than that at 27 years old so 75 pounds is probably the very most I could lose.  And that would depend on muscle – I can weigh an additional 10-15 pounds if I’m really muscular, as I’m naturally a mesomorph body type.  

In addition to weight I’m still having some pretty major health issues, mostly related to  Prediabetes:  magnesium and potassium deficiency, “sticky blood,” hyperinsulinism, abdominal obesity (just in front, the fat is gone from my waist), blurry vision, lightheadedness, swelling/edema in legs, chronic exhaustion, low respiratory capacity, varicose veins, etc.

I’ve been reading a lot online about Intermittent Fasting lately.  It purports to improve all my remaining issues, so I decided to give it a try after reading Dr. Jason Fung’s book, The Obesity Code.

Since I have thyroid issues (Hashimoto’s) and adrenal issues/low blood pressure and still some vitamin/mineral absorption issues, I wasn’t sure I could do it.  Recent experiments with both super low carb and carb cycling ended badly.

But it’s turned out to be AMAZING.  I am on day 6 now and feel great!

I chose the 16/8 IF version, sometimes referred to as The 8 Hour Diet or Lean Gains. 

I did just 2 days at first, delaying breakfast until I got hungry. Now I eat between 11 am to 7 pm.  The 3rd and 4th days I got very thirsty and started drinking coconut water during “feeding” periods to provide more electrolytes (an ongoing issue for me regardless of fasting). Also bathing in Epsom salt for magnesium.  I read online that cod liver oil and MCT oil (concentrated coconut) help too so I try to include them daily and they really did help.  I ONLY drink black coffee (up to 2 cups), herbal tea or water/mineral water when fasting.

Now my appetite is greatly reduced, similar to a moderate carb diet, but I can tolerate carbs already better than before.  I have more energy too.  I did have some insomnia last couple nights & took melatonin, but that is supposed to pass soon.  Day 6 I’m only a little bit thirsty.  My ADHD seems to have improved also; I can focus longer. I already lost 2 pounds and it came right off my belly. I’m pretty happy about that!

I’m due for a blood test in a week so perfect timing. I plan to keep this up all year if I can, both to lose weight and repair the extensive oxidative damage in my body.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress and results!

UPDATE:  Day 10 and feeling great!  Stomach getting flatter daily.  Down 3 lbs now!  I checked and I’m actually eating too many calories/carbs -although I’m losing anyway, I’ll try to rein it in a bit with less treats.  I feel like I can really stick with this!  Back to normal sleep patterns again now – the insomnia only lasted a few days.  Fasting seems to have a beneficial effect on my nerves and circulation so I hope I can stick with it!  My legs and feet are so much better in just 10 days.

UPDATE #2:  Wow!  Day 11, down another pound and I lost an inch off my waist!  I didn’t lose that inch previously when I lost 15 pounds. I feel like this is real fat loss.  Even more amazing since I tracked my food yesterday and was 1,066 calories over maintenance and ate 371 g carbs.  Normally I’d be really sick and bloated next day after eating that many carbs.   I’ll try to eat healthier today though.  I may try to extend my fasting window a little bit today since I really overdid it yesterday. 

UPDATE #3:  I think I’ve found the missing link for sure.  I’ve been able to continue the fasting for a few weeks now.  My circulation continues to improve, along with my mental cognition and focus, and I’m getting a little more energy.    It’s getting easier to stick to maintenance calories now and I’m eating about 150-250 g carbs.  I have kept off the four pounds of weight loss and the inch off my waist.  I’m sure as I adapt I will lose even more. I only cheated 3 times total so far when I felt a bit hungry & sick, so I went ahead and had a snack, but got right back on the program after that.  I’ve noticed that including enough fat/protein prevents this.  Overall, I’m doing much better than I expected with my history of thyroid & adrenal issues & hypoglycemia. I would like to lower my carbs a bit more as I progress, aiming for about 100 g daily. 

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4 Responses to Giving Intermittent Fasting a Try

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Glad to know you are feeling great. I hope it continues.

  2. easyif says:

    Excellent work! I have lots of info on my blog if you’re interested. I’ve lost 50lbs on IF so far. Keep up the good work! My GERD is going away, too but I’m having to taking nexium and 2g of mastic gum every morning for about 2-3 weeks every morning.

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