Intermittent Fasting Progress

Continuing to do great with the 16/8 fasting plan after about 3 weeks.  Met with the endocrinologist today.   Just got my labs back and my thyroid is still fine from the Intermittent Fasting. Interestingly, my LDL cholesterol did increase when eating less eggs and more carbs!  My A1c has held steady at 6.1 but she’d like me to get it below 5.7.

I have maintained the one inch lost from my waist and the four pounds lost since starting the fast.  I did cheat and snack 3 different times when I felt a bit sick.  Overall, I think I’m adjusting well and plan to continue.

My circulation and metal concentration seem to be steadily improving.  I also started taking a different magnesium supplement called Natural Calm that seems to absorb better (2 teaspoons per day dissolved in water).  Now I can cut back on the daily Epsom Salt baths, since we’re currently experiencing a drought in California and I don’t want to waste water.

I need to continue to cut back on carbs, calories and processed food for real weight loss, and increase protein more.  Still adjusting to the fasting though.  Hopefully it will just seem totally normal soon and then I can increase my exercise more and incorporate dieting as well.  My main concern is watching for adrenal reactions – hot flashes, insomnia, low energy etc.  As long as I feel OK, I will keep it up!  It’s been pretty easy just to skip breakfast and have black coffee instead.  Yesterday I forgot to eat lunch until 30 minutes into my feeding window. I start work at 7 am and start eating at 11 am but after the 4th day I haven’t noticed any issues with thinking clearly or concentrating – if anything it’s improved.  

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