Fasting Update

It’s been awhile since my last post!  When I last checked in, I had given up breakfast and then dinner in an effort to stabilize my insulin levels.  I started around Easter and now it’s early October so I’ve had time to test its effect on me.

Skipping breakfast definitely works for me!  It’s funny because I used to be so hypoglycemic in my 20’s that I would throw up if I skipped breakfast.  My health has really improved.  If I get hungry at breakfast time, I have heavy cream or coconut oil in my coffee, but that’s it.

The longer fasts (19+ hours) were a problem for me.  I’m still recovering from adrenal fatigue and started having frequent hot flashes and sleep disruption.  A shame, because it really did curb my appetite!

At one point I took a break from fasting and gained 8 pounds in one week.  Wow!

So I’m back to skipping breakfast but also recommitting to eating according to the Paleo diet and eating more “good” fats which also curbs my appetite.  I’ve started exercising cautiously again.  

I just started supplementing with CoQ10, so we’ll see if it helps with my muscular issues, energy and circulation.  Many people have commented that I seem more energetic, and last month I remodeled my small bathroom.  Lots more projects needed to do, but it’s nice that I finally have a little more energy than before.

I worked an extended night shift for 2 weeks and bounced back pretty quickly.  I really tried to practice good habits best as I could during that period.

Excited to recommit to Paleo again – just gluten free doesn’t seem to be quite enough for me.   I joined a local Paleo meetup group so I can make friends locally who share the same values.

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2 Responses to Fasting Update

  1. Audrey Ward says:

    Glad you have more energy

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