Final Piece of the Puzzle – Thiamine (B1)

Wow!  I think I may have found the final key to my recovery.  

Over the past couple years, I’ve been supplementing to resolve certain deficiencies due to my gluten intolerance.  First I took 10 grams of Vitamin B12 for a few months, which is a HUGE amount.  I took lots of Vitamin D also.  Now I hardly need any of either, so I think those are resolved. I was tested for anemia a couple months after I stopped taking the B12 regularly, and it came back normal.

I was having ongoing bleeding (TMI sorry) that lasted for weeks at a time.  I almost asked for a progesterone supplement from the doctor, but tried extra B6 and that worked.  It resolved quickly also.

I’m still having ongoing issues with Potassium and Magnesium. I supplement with Natural Calm powder (M) and coconut water (P). I get a little Vitamin D still from occassional Cod Liver Oil and direct sunlight. Still need to supplement almost daily with Probiotics or my food allergies come back.

But I STILL had extremely poor energy after being totally gluten free 2 years now.  I tried Co Q10 – it did nothing for me 2 years ago but now I do feel a slight improvement.  Weirdly, I had horrible muscle cramps for a week, but they passed.  FYI, for new readers wondering why I don’t take a regular multivitamin, I can’t absorb them yet and the liquid ones don’t have much effect.  I didn’t want to add to the other megadoses I was taking, but actually…..I should probably try a liquid multi again, it’s been awhile.

I noticed maybe a year ago that I do better with a B complex that has B1 in it.  Some versions don’t have it listed. I had stopped taking any B vitamins for a few months, but just bought some again and noticed a slight improvement in energy.  I had the Solaray chewable brand which is actually quite moderate in dosage.  Yesterday I re-read the label and saw you can take 2 tablets a day, which I never have done before.

All I have to say is WOW.  What an unbelievably dramatic response I had!  So much more energy than usual but I slept like a baby and felt sleepy at bedtime without needing to take melatonin.

I googled “thiamine deficiency” and YEP.  All my remaining symptoms were right there.

Apparently it’s a rare deficiency, but quite common for Celiacs and women with Hashimoto’s thyroid disorder.  I took 15 mg yesterday and 10 mg (100 mcg) is the recommended dose to recover from deficiency, combined with 250 Magnesium. The usual B1 dose is 7.5 mg in my supplement, and I’ve been taking only 150 Magnesium, and not daily.  So I’d been taking just a little bit less than the amount I need to take.  I took a dose of Magnesium before bed last night.

I woke up this morning and WOW again!  Still feel energy not the usual “OMG no” like when I usually wake up.  Don’t feel the usual adrenal strain.  My feet are buzzing and actually a little bit painful and my hands are tingling too.

Obviously I will continue to supplement (carefully) and will report back on my progress.  If it works, this  deficiency resolves in a few months!  I did read that you have to be careful with thiamine if you have a severe deficiency as it can stress your heart to suddenly start taking huge amounts (if you have cardiac disease) so I ordered a dissolvable tablet that’s exactly the recommended dose of 100 mcg.  Super excited!  

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2 Responses to Final Piece of the Puzzle – Thiamine (B1)

  1. Audrey H Ward says:

    I’m glad you discovered the thiamine deficiency and hope you continue on the road to good health.

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