Success with Thiamine Supplement

Last time I shared that Thiamine (B1) was maybe the last piece of my puzzle.  I was right!

MUCH more energy and improved mood.  My circulation & edema in my feet/legs has improved also.  My mental cognition and focus are noticeably better. My thyroid is less fragile and I can eat lower carb than before and lost a few pounds.  I had these weird little pouches next to my eye tear ducts for the past 15 years that are gone. 

I did have some weird side effects in the beginning, like my eyes turned yellow first couple days and it felt like bugs were crawling in my eyes.  Also my feet buzzed and tingled for a couple days.   I think my muscles will take longer to rebuild but I broke my little toe anyway and can’t work out.  Once it heals hopefully I’ll have less muscle breakdown/injury after workouts – no more calf muscles eviscerating while stretching for a top shelf hopefully.   Continuing to eat lots of gelatin/bone broth also.  I think 10 mg is a good daily amount of Thiamine I’ve settled on for now.  I found a great brand, EZ Melts on that is more bio-available, and got their B12 and multivitamin too.  Their multi has a couple mg of B1 also. (Ps – oops it’s actually 100 mg dose I’m taking,  not 10!)

A mole I had on my chin since college is gone and another under my jaw is disappearing…it’s 1/3 of its previous size and drying up.  Weird.  It has a white ring around it.  Maybe a sign my immune system is improving.  Still have not had a cold or flu since cutting out gluten about 3 years now.

Bad news from the dentist – I have 3 non-decay holes in my teeth that might need to be filled.  One is under one of my crowns.  We’ll recheck in 6 months.  Sigh.  My teeth/gums are much better than before but the disentegration continues…..

UPDATE 12/22 – I’m up to about 500 mg Thiamine per day now.  Really dramatic improvement in my overall health!  I take a pill every few hours or if I wake up with leg cramps.  It’s really changed my life!!

Update 7/1/17 – after supplementing a few months back to just 100 mg of B1. It was depleting my B6.  I found if I take Magnesium regularly it helps me absorb the B1 better.

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