My Second Two-Day Fast

Just finished my second two-day fast.  It went great!  This time I started on Friday.  I did work about 3 hours today but my job is super demanding  and a regular 12 hour workday, conference calls etc was too much on Day 2 last time.

Last time (2 weeks ago) I needed a LOT of electrolyte supplement.  This time I took my EZ Melts multivitamin & B1 daily and I needed 1/4 less electrolytes.  The first day I drank a 1.8 liter bottle of bubbly Smartwater, the 2nd day I didn’t and I noticed a difference.  I also put a big bottle of Evian by my bed.  Both contain electrolytes but taste better than the jigsaw mix which is kind of like Gatorade lemon lime flavor.  I still had about a 1/2 dose of the jigsaw supplement over two days also.  Had about 1/3 teaspoon of pink sea salt daily too.  I just put a little right in my mouth, not in water.

I broke my fast with an Atkins vanilla shake and 2 slices of cucumber.

An hour later I had a cucumber/raspberry/watermelon/lime/coconut water shake (Daily Harvest).  Also a packet of Macadamia butter (about 1 oz).  Maybe the nut butter was too much fat but otherwise I’m doing ok.  

Seems to get easier every time I do it!  My feet are tingling it’s REALLY improving my circulation.

I was down about six pounds before I started this fast probably will lose another pound of fat from this one.  I lose more but regain it, probably some is water and some is muscle rebuilding.  Which is great, my muscle is really ravaged by Celiac disease.  

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