My Third 48-hour Fast

I have done a couple 36 hour fasts since my last post.  Today I completed my third 48 hour fast and I am much better adapted.  I could just eat normal food, although not much, about 1/2 cup of food to start.  Not the usual re-feeding issues with electrolytes though.

I did supplement with EZ Melts Multivitamin, B1, P5P (B6), B12.  I also took Natural Calm Magnesium and a Jigsaw electrolyte both days. And one watered down black coffee. And water…….

Earlier this week I tried  a dose of exogenous ketones again and didn’t get sick at all so I think my body is finally fat adapting.  Only down 7 lbs but my biceps are getting harder even though I’m not working out.  So hopefully rebuilding a little muscle.

I found a new food delivery company Model Meals – they are Whole 30- compliant Paleo.  Making my life so much easier!!

I’m now doing 19/5 intermittent fasting daily as of this past week – when not doing a water fast.  So only eating dinner, in a 4-5 hour window.  That and cleaner eating has really helped me with the water fasting.  Every time I do a water fast my feet get noticeably better! Much more sensation and less inflammation.

I was reading online that coffee on a fast can stress your heart so I cut from two to one and added water but I feel nauseous if I cut it out completely. Baby steps!

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