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Paleo vs. Gluten Free vs. Low Carb

Which is better for optimal health, the Paleo diet, low carb or gluten free? I guess it depends on your goals and particular health situation.  I started low carb last February and I haven’t been sick since!  I also lost … Continue reading

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Wow! No Holiday Weight Gain This Year…

My scale battery had to be replaced, and I apprehensively put in new batteries this morning – wow! Good news – I did not even gain one pound over the holidays! I have been eating quite a bit more starch … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free New Year’s Eve!!

Happy New Year!!  Really looking forward to 2015. New Years Eve has been a MUCH more successful gluten-free holiday for me than Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I tried out my new gluten blocker pills from Now Foods and they worked!!   … Continue reading

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My 1st Gluten-Free Christmas!

I started eating low-carb early last year (March?) so this was my first gluten-free Christmas! Since I am spending the holidays with family, I decided to focus on gluten free rather than low-carb or Paleo. I think I may actually … Continue reading

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Growing Into Paleo

Every day is getting easier. I’m starting to have some regular go-to recipes that I can make from memory now. I’m making larger servings that I can save or freeze. I’m trying new foods like bison and rutabaga (both yummy!). … Continue reading

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What’s For Dinner?

Just tried my first dinner from Pete’s Paleo delivery and it was delicious!! It was seared duck with butternut squash & Brussels sprouts. Really tasty and a good sized serving. Lots of meat! The flavors are delicious. Not cheap but … Continue reading

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Whole30 – the aftermath

So naturally, despite reading STRONG advice to the contrary, I added a bunch of foods back in right after Whole30. The results were dramatic. Day 31 my treats included: – Mini cheesecake (3 inches) – 2 McDonalds Bacon/egg/cheese sandwiches with … Continue reading

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