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Giving Intermittent Fasting a Try

I’ve shared in my blog posts that cutting Gluten 100% out of my diet and following a somewhat Paleo diet, moderate carb has provided huge health benefits for me.   I’ve lost 20 pounds of weight permanently regardless of calorie/carb … Continue reading

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Great doctor visit with endocrinologist – yay Paleo!

Had a great checkup with the endocrinologist today.  She was super dubious about my diet last year, but now she says “Keep doing it!”  My A1c is 6.1 and she’s convinced it will be even lower next time.  My cholesterol … Continue reading

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Numb Feet: ┬áMy N=1 Solution

My health has greatly improved over the past year with a switch to a more whole-food approach to eating.   Some great improvements include: My teeth are no longer transparent and breaking off No illness in 13 months Better sleep/no … Continue reading

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Paleo vs. Gluten Free vs. Low Carb

Which is better for optimal health, the Paleo diet, low carb or gluten free? I guess it depends on your goals and particular health situation.  I started low carb last February and I haven’t been sick since!  I also lost … Continue reading

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Why I Chose To Go 100% Gluten-Free

I do plan to get DNA tested for Celiac Disease, but I plan to stay gluten free regardless of the diagnosis. A few people have asked me why. Below are reactions I attribute to gluten. The “immediate” symptoms start 10-15 … Continue reading

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Wow! No Holiday Weight Gain This Year…

My scale battery had to be replaced, and I apprehensively put in new batteries this morning – wow! Good news – I did not even gain one pound over the holidays! I have been eating quite a bit more starch … Continue reading

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My 1st Gluten-Free Christmas!

I started eating low-carb early last year (March?) so this was my first gluten-free Christmas! Since I am spending the holidays with family, I decided to focus on gluten free rather than low-carb or Paleo. I think I may actually … Continue reading

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