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No Shopping Month – My Progress so Far

So I had decided not to do any shopping in the month of April other than purchases that were necessary. I’ve done pretty well so far, and only purchased one thing that might be marginal – a pedometer. I had … Continue reading

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No Spend Month – an experiment for April

I just discovered an AWESOME blog called Small Notebook – For A Simple Home.  It’s actually been around for a few years and there are lots of great ideas on the site.  I just added it to my blogroll also. My … Continue reading

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Five Steps Forward, One Step Back…..

I posted recently that I paid off my credit cards! Well, I should have “knocked wood” when I said it, because my car broke down twice  in two weeks. It’s never a good sign when your car is leaking antifreeze … Continue reading

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I’m Debt Free! (Except the Mortgage)

The credit cards have been paid off! I am super excited about this. Less than a year ago, I had about $30 K in debt. Now I only have my condo payment left. This is a really big deal to … Continue reading

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The Road to Freedom

Well, my freedom timetable got moved up a little bit  (see Debtor’s Prison, below).  I was just let go from my place of employment. I had become increasingly disenchanted with my job and was actively looking for a new position, … Continue reading

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Debtor’s Prison

Debt is a prison. It looks lovely from the outside – Easy Credit! Buy Now, Pay Later! Get Help with Medical Bills! But it’s a gold-plated trap. This really came home to me this past week at the office, when … Continue reading

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