Epi-Paleo Diet – Update

Still easing into the full Leptin reset. Doing the full 50 grams of protein at breakfast now. I backslid and had added more carbs since I had less appetite but it showed up in the scale. Starch just needs to be a moderation thing for me.

Doing the cold baths daily – I took 2 yesterday because it was around 100 degrees. The lipoma in my leg is getting softer and shrinking more. I had some borderline varicose veins that seem to be shrinking as well.

I got brave one day and added 2 trays of ice. Felt a sharp pain in my arm – kind of a tiny pop- and saw a green bruise forming about 1/2 inch in size. I think I burst a capillary, soooo foregoing the ice and just doing the cold baths. I can’t do a cold shower yet except at the end, which feels great.

Not eating between meals or after 7:30 pm AT ALL now. Feeling more in control. The carbs aren’t helping though – yesterday I got super hungry right at noon and felt I had to eat NOW. I think pretty soon I’ll try to cut back to 40 grams protein and then 30 at breakfast. The whey protein is messing with my sinuses and I want to go back to just eggs and bacon. If I eat a healthier lunch & dinner that will happen faster.

So the last part of the Leptin reset I need to comply with is 50 carbs/day. I’m nowhere near that right now – need to lay off the bananas and grapes for sure. I think next week I’ll start counting carbs.

Once I get done with the reset in November, I think I’ll settle into a Paleo diet 80/20 in a range of 50-75 net carbs. Seems like that’s the best formula for me personally for long-term success.

Did more research online and it appears I have the symptoms of stage 3 adrenal fatigue. Not at all surprised by this. So I’m backing off on the Leptin protocol and I’ll just do a moderate carb Paleo diet for now. I’ll continue to eat mainly protein at breakfast but if I feel I really need a snack I’ll have nuts or coconut butter. I’ll watch my carbs, but more through good choices rather than actual counting. Just going to focus on eating healthy and reducing stress. I might see if my endocrinologist or gyn can have a hormone lab work up done on me in the near future. I’m sticking with the cold baths though!

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Epi-Paleo Diet – UGH 50 G protein!!

OK, I am loving the Leptin reset so far but my digestive system can’t handle all the required breakfast protein. I can’t digest it all and I’m not even up to 50 g yet. Plus it’s so hard to eat all that food so early in the morning. I’m still basically in transition and not fully on the plan yet.

I don’t want to be dependent on laxatives – the whole point here is to be healthy. So I am switching over to whey protein again for a bit.

I’ll have either a double Primal shake OR 2 Quest almond protein bars, with either 2 eggs OR 4 slices bacon to get up to 50 g. OR 4 eggs, 4 slices bacon and a bar or shake. Still a lot of food!! I never though I could get sick of bacon….

I’ll have to count 50 net carbs/day instead of total carbs, since the fiber in the shakes/bars would comprise most of my daily carb allowance otherwise, and I’ll need some veggies too.

I did some reading and I might be ok with the whey protein despite my dairy allergy, but I’m still concerned about insulin stimulation. Guess it will be OK for 2 months. May have to occasionally do hamburger/eggs for breakfast sometimes to balance it out.

Off to take a cold bath – yay! Die, fat, die!

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Epi-Paleo Leptin Reset and Cold Thermogenesis

So….part of the Epi-Paleo diet I am starting now is about cold thermogenesis.

Technically, you’re not supposed to do this part until after Part 1 Leptin Reset but I’m impatient.

I am easing into the Leptin reset by eating a big protein breakfast and not eating after 7:30 pm. Last night I was successful and didn’t need to snack. Same with this morning.

I checked my protein grams today & still too low – only 24 grams instead of 50. I added some MCT oil also. I think I need to have hamburgers & eggs for breakfast.

So for lunch I went to In-n-Out & got 2 double hamburgers (they’re thin) without the buns. Definitely not hungry now!!

The cold thermogenesis idea is intriguing but potentially dangerous – I recommend you read the process carefully at JackKruse.com if you want to try it. The idea is that fat dies off at low temperatures. Not sure if this will work, but feeling great after trying it. It seems to have stimulated my thyroid & circulation.

Again, I’m not following the timing or rules correctly so don’t copy me – follow the rules on the website. But my version was that I tried immersing my hands and then elbows in ice water for short periods the first day. Then yesterday I took a cold bath (no ice) just up to mid- thigh. Added about another inch of more cold water after about 10 min, then got out after another 5. I think it helped that the external air temperature was quite warm.

I slept really well – in fact I took a nap right after my bath and this morning I woke up refreshed before my alarm, which is not usual. My left foot is less numb today than usual also. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I think I’m going to try to ease into more cold baths and raise the water level eventually. And this winter I will try not to turn the heat on unless it’s really cold. My office is also very cool so I’ll stop wearing a sweater/jacket. As long as I don’t get sick, it’s worth a try. We shall see!

Update: Took another cold bath again next day with same result – short nap after bath and very refreshing sleep at night. I was able to add more water this time. This will be part of my new daily routine!! My sleep has been poor for years, so even if it doesn’t melt the fat I’m already happy with the results. Further improvements reducing my foot numbness also.

OMG update: I have a hard 1/2-inch lipoma (fatty tumor) next to my left shinbone for past year. Was planning surgery once my circulation improves. In 2 days the lipoma is significantly softer!!!! This is a really big deal. I am liking cold thermogenesis in a big way!!! I am plagued with lipomas and would definitely prefer cold baths vs surgery!!

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Whole30 – the aftermath

So naturally, despite reading STRONG advice to the contrary, I added a bunch of foods back in right after Whole30. The results were dramatic.

Day 31 my treats included:

- Mini cheesecake (3 inches)
– 2 McDonalds Bacon/egg/cheese sandwiches with buns removed & organic Pico de gallo
– vanilla latte/McDonalds
– Diet coke
– individual bag Pop chips

Day 32 treats:

- Pint of Haagen Dazs dulce de leche ice cream
– Thai Food for lunch – garlic beef with white rice
– 1 1/2 strawberry pop tarts
– 1/2 cup sugar free jello
– pumpkin latte sugar free

After my sinuses backed up and my stomach protested, and after taking some Immodium AD (anti-diarrheal med), I’ve concluded that yes, I’m gluten intolerant and allergic to dairy. And still sensitive to carbs /sugar.

I tossed out the jello – it tastes disgusting now. Also anything with aspartame is yucky now. I went back to basically my Whole30 eating habits now as of day 33 (but I added cream & bacon back in). I think it was just being told certain foods were forbidden made me want them, but now I realize I don’t want them after all.

I got an Amy’s gluten free pizza and some Van’s gluten free waffles & Maple Grove maple syrup at the store in case I get junk food cravings again, but right now thinking about processed carbs makes me want to throw up so I think I’ll be good for a few days. I tried some Glutino gluten free pancakes made with almond milk & vanilla extract on Friday with a little honey drizzled on top and they were just ok.

I think this experience will make me more compliant going forward!! Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Next step: I am checking out Jack Krause’s Epi-Paleo Diet – just downloaded the Kindle book. You can also check out his Leptin Rx (leptin signaling reset protocol) at jackkrause.com.

I’m gonna ease into this Leptin Rx and not do it strictly right now since I just finished Whole30. But I’m starting with the very high-protein breakfast and so far no hunger mid-morning today. Last night I tried not to eat after 7:30 pm, but got out of bed around 12:30 am to eat a Larabar. So not quite there yet!

Update 9/9: OK, wow – Last night I went to a party and had just 4 cheese & crackers and 1/2 cup of pasta Alfredo. And 1 cookie. Today I have big hives on the top of my head – quite the allergic reaction!! Plus the sinus and tummy issues again. The party is over. I also found out my fab new shampoo has wheat in it, so will cut that out for a few days, but it wasn’t an issue before.

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Whole 30 – Day30 !!!

It’s OVER!!!  Last day of my Whole30!!    I’m so glad it’s done, as I didn’t like the absolute restrictions of the program but I understood why they were necessary.  I almost quit halfway through, so I’m glad I went public on the blog, to my friends, family and co-workers, so I had to see it through.  Everyone was amazingly supportive and I appreciate everyone’s ancouragement.

Starting weight: 189 lbs
Final weight:  187 lbs

Although I only lost a couple pounds, my shorts that I could hardly button before Whole30 are now almost falling off, so it seems that I lost inches.  Others have commented as well.  

My main goal for Whole30 was to heal my digestive tract and develop better habits, and I feel that I achieved that.   

Long term, I think this will continue to affect my eating/shopping habits.  I don’t plan to continue to strictly follow the program.  But these are some changes I think I will continue:

- Avoid artificial sweeteners 
– Read labels – avoid preservatives & added sugar
– Dine out less frequently
– Cook from scratch more often
– Avoid prepared sauces
– Avoid packaged foods
– Avoid grains
– Avoid dairy and whey protein

Basically, I think I’ll continue to eat 80% Paleo with a treat once or twice a week. In future, if I do another detox I may customize it a little more based on my known allergens/irritants.

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Butyrate for Colon Cancer Prevention?

I was just listening to Chris Kresser’s book again where he was talking about Butyrate as a possible preventative for colon cell over-proliferation. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 34 and have been back every two years (or less) to have polyps or tumors removed.

Obviously this supplement has some interest for me – I’d be interested to hear from anyone else who has tried it.

I started taking a very low children’s dose of digestive enzymes 3 days ago with great results already. Proceeding with caution regarding dosage as I had a very bad 48-hour reaction to about 1 oz of Activia probiotic yogurt a couple years ago. Taking the enzyme with dinner for now and will add a pill to lunch in another week. Symptoms are pretty mild – I’m adjusting well. Also started taking a super omega fish oil supplement.

Luckily I can usually get all these pills down if I go slowly and take breaks. I regurgitated or choked a few times in the beginning because I have a history of esophageal & laryngeal constriction (I think due to my previous acid reflux & allergies). I think I’ll go off my 12-pill multi to a 3 pill multi after I get through my current supply (less than a month). I feel like an octogenarian but it all seems to be working …..

Speaking of old age, my hair started getting some grays about a year ago and the new growth coming in now is much darker and I don’t see any gray yet!! Interesting….

Update: I did some online searches and apparently Butyrate is commonly found in the foods eaten on the Paleo diet, including sweet potatoes and other vegetables. So I may not need a separate supplement. One less pill to take….sounds good!

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A Shared Interest in Clean Eating

Over the past week, I’ve been having some nice chats with a co-worker regarding healthy eating. I’ve found the conversations to be informative and inspirational.

What’s interesting is that my co-worker is strict Vegan and I’m doing moderate carb Paleo.

But we found that we share a lot of opinions on processed food and healthy eating despite our difference of opinion on grains and protein sources.

My co-worker is following essentially a vegan version of Whole30 on an ongoing basis. He’s an elite athlete that trains 3 hours a day. He’s about 50 years old, so that’s pretty impressive.

Rather than focusing on the points where we disagree, we found a lot that we can agree on. He’s given me some great tips on exercise and clean eating.

I did eat about 95% ovo-lacto vegetarian for many years and many of my friends actually thought I was full vegetarian. It just didn’t work for me, but I respect his ethical ideals.

We both agree that getting away from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and junk food in general is a great idea. And opting for local organic produce when possible. We had a good talk today about organic produce imported from China.

I’m glad my friend is so open minded and I appreciate his encouragement. He told me that I’ll find it hard to return to old habits after Whole30 is over. “Once you develop that awareness of what’s in your food, you can’t go back. You can’t un-know it,” he told me.

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