What’s For Dinner?

Just tried my first dinner from Pete’s Paleo delivery and it was delicious!! It was seared duck with butternut squash & Brussels sprouts. Really tasty and a good sized serving. Lots of meat! The flavors are delicious. Not cheap but worth it. They have a cookbook, Paleo by Season (by Peter Servold), and I might give that a try!

I bought some other Paleo cookbooks too recently. The first few I bought originally a couple months ago were more special-occasion books and the recipes included lots of nuts, honey, almond flour, coconut flour, arrowroot starch, potato starch & tapioca flour. I’ll definitely use those books occasionally , but lately I’ve had issues with almonds and sunflower seeds and I need to keep my sugar intake low for medical reasons.

I just got some new books I’m pretty excited about – Well Fed and Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwen, the 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook by Diane Sanfilippo, Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook by Sarah Fragoso, and It Starts With Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig.

All these books adhere mostly to the stricter Whole 30 type of Paleo meals and will give me a good foundation for everyday. Focusing mostly on the basics: meat, eggs, fruit, spices, and veggies. I’m learning that I can just defrost a chunk of meat and a chunk of veggies and add seasoning for a quick meal, but sometimes I want more of a recipe. These books offer sauces and seasoning mixes that are Paleo compliant so I can get the same types of flavors I miss from dining out. Lately I’ve been cheating and buying some sauces with preservatives, sugar or vegetable oils, so this will keep me on track. What’s great is that all these books are available on Kindle, so I can take them anywhere!

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So This Is What “Metabolically Normal” Feels Like…..

Well, it’s been a long road, but I really seem to be beating this adrenal fatigue and getting my metabolism in order. My Leptin and Ghrelin are functioning properly and I FINALLY appear to be fat-adapted. After 20 years of reactive hypoglycemia this is s big deal for me.

I no longer am hungry between meals and today I skipped lunch because I was doing errands that ran long and I didn’t want to eat junk food.

I’m still able to exercise a little and have much more energy, but I guess I’ll need to be careful for awhile. I tried Tabata interval training – first time was ok, 2nd time I got REALLY dizzy so I’ll stick to just gentle exercise for now.

I feel much better already but I still have issues related to adrenal fatigue such as sporadic cognitive issues (like not being able to do simple addition, or saying the wrong word) and extreme light sensitivity.

I’m happy that my appetite has normalized though and I’m very happy with the Paleo diet (plus white rice& potatoes). I have splurged on gluten free cookies a bit lately, but in general I’m learning to like the taste of real food now. I haven’t weighed myself lately but I can tell from my chin and eyes that I’ve lost more weight without trying, probably a couple more pounds.

I treated myself to a week of Pete’s Paleo home delivery, and my meals will arrive in 5 days! I’ll let you know how I like them! They have great online reviews. If they’re yummy, it might be nice to order once in a while for variety.

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Natural Leptin Reset

I’m happy to report that the adrenal fatigue protocol has really worked!!

Already I’m noticing that I have more energy and am now walking about 30 minutes daily. I walk on a treadmill and sometimes I take a lot of breaks, but every day is better. I’ll start yoga also soon. I started doing a little arm work with 8-lb weights as well.

My Leptin situation has also resolved itself – I suddenly am not hungry between meals so I’ll probably start naturally losing weight soon. I also don’t seem to need caffeine anymore but still have a little bit. I was still eating some Paleo “treats” and honey so for now I’m cutting way back on those. Also cutting back on some of my supplements.

Seeing really good results MUCH faster than I expected! Still taking it easy on my adrenals though ! Long road ahead.

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Multi-Meal Cooking

I can tell my health is improving as my energy has increased. I’ve started doing 3-recipe cooking days again.

I got this idea from Melissa Joulwen, author of the cookbook “Well Fed.” A strict Paleo diet means a lot of home cooking and it can get tiresome to cook 2-3 times a day and clean up.

Sometimes I get busy and end up just grabbing a Larabar or Quest Bar, or nuts or an apple. That’s fine occasionally, but I do it too often lately. I was just notified I’ll be working a 7-day shift on a project for the next month, so I want my diet to be solid.

Today for dinner I made zucchini noodles but made extra for lunch tomorrow & saved in a glass container (just be sure to drain the liquid a couple times).

Then I made a quadruple batch of sweet potato-apple pancakes. I wrap two big pancakes together in Saran Wrap, then tinfoil, and freeze them (in a freezer bag). Not really Eco-friendly but they have lasted for a month this way. Or you could just make a single batch.

Tonight I made little egg muffins! They smell soooo good (veggie dill mix) and it was like 5 minutes prep! Can’t wait to try them.

Here’s the link to the recipe I used & modified: http://www.primalpalate.com/paleo-recipe/egg-muffins/

My version was onions, spinach, pumpkin seeds, chopped yellow, red and orange bell pepper and garlic powder with lots of dill. I used 6 eggs because my tin has 6 spaces. I cooked mine for 30 minutes – I have an older oven.

So yes, I am now on the couch after all that but I’m feeling very accomplished! I’ll be working from home for the next few weeks do I’ll try to do this twice a week so I can freeze extras. I am set for breakfast now (the pancakes are good for dinner too!)

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Adrenal Fatigue Update

I’ve been following basic guidelines to heal adrenal fatigue for the past few weeks, with good results.

I’m getting more sleep, avoiding stress, working 8-9 hours per day only, and eating healthy whole food at regular intervals.

I’m starting to notice now that when I have extra caffeine, gluten or sugar it has a negative impact on me. I’ve cut down to one cup of coffee in the morning and that’s working well.

The Paleo diet really works well for adrenal support since it’s based on whole foods. I fell off the wagon for a bit but am getting back into the habit now. I just feel so much better on that diet. I’m really reactive to dairy and gluten now – even when the gluten is an additive. Hopefully that means my gut is healing. I’m still having small amounts of potato (no skin) and white rice.

Even with my adrenal fatigue, I still haven’t gotten the cold or flu since I started low carb back in March!!! I really think cutting out the gluten has improved my immune system – maybe my body can fight viruses better now that I don’t have chronic acid reflux.

I still don’t have much energy but it’s improving. From what I’ve read, it takes a minimum of 3 months to recover and in my case, probably a couple of years. So I’ll just focus on stress reduction and healthy habits and I’ll get there eventually. I am encouraged by my improvement so far.

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Adrenal Fatigue – The Path Back

Been making some progress readjusting my lifestyle in regard to adrenal fatigue with promising results.

Luckily my circadian cycle has improved as I work a 7 am to 4 pm shift. So I can get to bed early and wake up early, with some afternoon sun after I leave work. I already have yellow tinted glasses so that helps with artificial light.

My biggest challenge with sleep is my circulation – waking up periodically with body parts either painful, numb or cramping. (I’m already taking a lot of supplements including magnesium & potassium). My toes keep turning different colors and not sure if it’s Renauds or just poor blood flow. Standing, walking etc really helps but unfortunately I am still exhausted. I’ve been able to do 5-10 min walking daily now and some light housework which helps.

Working hard on stress management. Luckily my new role at work is great and my team is supportive. Really trying to work only 8-9 hours per day.

Food wise, I slipped back into old habits after my big carb refeed and gained 10 pounds – lost 2 of those pounds again now. It was worth it to get my thyroid back on track – pretty normal again. Back to a more Paleo diet and moderate carb.

I think I will try adding goat cheese back in since I am allergic to dairy (cow) rather than lactose intolerant. Since my Whole30 cleanse, I now can’t tolerate hummus either. So my gut is definitely healing. Trying to cut back on antihistamines also. Unfortunately I do react a little to whey protein, but those Quest bars are so convenient!! Looking for a replacement.

Still having some coffee, trying to cut it down to 1 cup per day without success. But overall seeing some improvement. Less hot flashes for one thing! My leptin situation / blood sugar has improved although I am eating more frequently. I’ll get as far as I can on my own and then probably visit a Functional Medicine doctor for additional support.

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Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Due to my recent self-diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, I decided to make my fall wardrobe super simple.

Most of these items are a carry-over from previous seasons in neutral colors. Since I live in coastal Southern California, I can just add a cardigan to a short-sleeved top or dress to convert it to an “autumn” outfit.

This year I added a scarf, necklace, a couple tops and 2 dresses in shades of wine, dark red or cinnamon. The scarf & necklace are multicolor.

My wardrobe is mostly dresses as they are a ready-to-go outfit – less of a decision in the morning…

10 dresses, mostly neutrals
Slacks: black, beige, gray
Skirts: black, black/white glen plaid, khaki
Shoes: Black wedges, brown wedges, black heels, black booties, black ballet flats, gold ballet flats
10 tops, mostly solid colors
Black and brown handbags (satchels)
Teal silk & 2 multicolor autumn scarves
Loose jeans & skinny jeans
Khaki raincoat
Cardigans: black, light gray, cream, charcoal, red

This should make for easy modular dressing with a minimum of stress/decisions – I hope!

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