Butyrate for Colon Cancer Prevention?

I was just listening to Chris Kresser’s book again where he was talking about Butyrate as a possible preventative for colon cell over-proliferation. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 34 and have been back every two years (or less) to have polyps or tumors removed.

Obviously this supplement has some interest for me – I’d be interested to hear from anyone else who has tried it.

I started taking a very low children’s dose of digestive enzymes 3 days ago with great results already. Proceeding with caution regarding dosage as I had a very bad 48-hour reaction to about 1 oz of Activia probiotic yogurt a couple years ago. Taking the enzyme with dinner for now and will add a pill to lunch in another week. Symptoms are pretty mild – I’m adjusting well. Also started taking a super omega fish oil supplement.

Luckily I can usually get all these pills down if I go slowly and take breaks. I regurgitated or choked a few times in the beginning because I have a history of esophageal & laryngeal constriction (I think due to my previous acid reflux & allergies). I think I’ll go off my 12-pill multi to a 3 pill multi after I get through my current supply (less than a month). I feel like an octogenarian but it all seems to be working …..

Speaking of old age, my hair started getting some grays about a year ago and the new growth coming in now is much darker and I don’t see any gray yet!! Interesting….

Update: I did some online searches and apparently Butyrate is commonly found in the foods eaten on the Paleo diet, including sweet potatoes and other vegetables. So I may not need a separate supplement. One less pill to take….sounds good!

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A Shared Interest in Clean Eating

Over the past week, I’ve been having some nice chats with a co-worker regarding healthy eating. I’ve found the conversations to be informative and inspirational.

What’s interesting is that my co-worker is strict Vegan and I’m doing moderate carb Paleo.

But we found that we share a lot of opinions on processed food and healthy eating despite our difference of opinion on grains and protein sources.

My co-worker is following essentially a vegan version of Whole30 on an ongoing basis. He’s an elite athlete that trains 3 hours a day. He’s about 50 years old, so that’s pretty impressive.

Rather than focusing on the points where we disagree, we found a lot that we can agree on. He’s given me some great tips on exercise and clean eating.

I did eat about 95% ovo-lacto vegetarian for many years and many of my friends actually thought I was full vegetarian. It just didn’t work for me, but I respect his ethical ideals.

We both agree that getting away from artificial sweeteners, preservatives and junk food in general is a great idea. And opting for local organic produce when possible. We had a good talk today about organic produce imported from China.

I’m glad my friend is so open minded and I appreciate his encouragement. He told me that I’ll find it hard to return to old habits after Whole30 is over. “Once you develop that awareness of what’s in your food, you can’t go back. You can’t un-know it,” he told me.

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Whole30 Day 22 – Coffee

I’m noticing that I don’t need coffee in the morning anymore. I’m still having 2 cups/day usually, but sometimes I forget, and often I wait until I get to work. Before, I needed it just to function normally.

Also starting to wake up more naturally and getting sleepy at night at the appropriate time. I’m trying to keep a similar schedule on the weekend to be more consistent. This is huge progress, as I’ve been getting an average of 4 hours/night for at least a couple decades. Now it’s more like 6. Aiming for 7-8 hours eventually.

I peeked at the scale again today and I’m 1 ounce away from being down another pound. Slow progress, but moving in the right direction!

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Whole30 Day 21 – Pico de Gallo

Here in Southern California, it’s popular to put salsa on scrambled eggs. I had to toss my usual salsa for Whole30 since it turned out to have sugar and some other icky ingredients in there.

Trader Joe’s came to my rescue with their mild Pico de Gallo. So fresh and yummy with no bad ingredients. I was really getting tired of eggs so this was a lifesaver. I know I could make my own but that hasn’t happened in the past 3 weeks, so…

No further weight loss and still some trouble digesting raw veggies. Just ordered some NOW super enzymes and fish oil from Amazon. I’ll just keep trying stuff until something works…

Have to remind myself that I’ve lost more than 1 LB per week total so far this year which is great. Especially since most of it was since March. I just really want to lose another 16 by the end of the year. Then I’ll no longer be clinically “obese.” Almost into a size 14 now (US). Finally I can buy my clothes at normal stores again! I think building some muscle (cautiously) may help too. I think I still have some residual cortisol & insulin resistance issues but it’s all improving. My appetite has decreased significantly and I’m sleeping much better. Don’t remember waking up with sleep apnea for at least a week now.

I know this is wrong, but I’m thinking of buying a cupcake and eating it at 12:01 am after Whole30….or for breakfast the next day. If I could just have had a couple bites, this obsession would have been over 2 weeks ago…..

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Whole30 Day 20 – Spiralizer

Last night I decided to be adventurous and finally used my new veggie spiralizer. I’m so glad I did!!

I usually am not a fan of superfluous kitchen gadgets but this thing is awesome. When I was a child our housekeeper used to spiral-peel apples and tried to teach me, but I usually could only do a couple spirals before it broke off. She could do the whole apple peel – she was amazing. This gadget spiral cuts veggies and fruit with minimal effort & mess and can also make “noodles” out of veggies like zucchini. The spiralizer I got was from Williams Sonoma.

I made the “comfort noodles” recipe from Melissa Joulwen’s website – so yummy!! Her recipes have turned out great so far – I think I may buy her cookbook, Well Fed.

I think the spiralizer would also be great if you have kids as the shapes make it more fun to eat your veggies!

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Whole30 Day 19 – Energy!!

Starting to really feel some positive changes in my energy level.  

I got up early today and dug up 2 very large root bound potted shrubs that had died from the heat and carted the dirt and plants away – it all had to be cut and broken apart first and was a bit awkward and heavy.  

Then, I distributed about 40 lbs of composted dirt around my garden (all this basically before breakfast – I did have a snack of coconut butter first).  I didn’t have the energy to do this a week ago, but now it’s no big deal.  I’ve noticed that my tolerance to heat has also improved.  

Hopefully now I can start a moderate exercise routine which will bring my A1c down even farther (last reading was 5.8).  I’ll be getting more lab tests in late Autumn, so it will interesting to see my progress.

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Whole30 Day 18 – Withdrawl

I’m beginning to understand why Whole30 is a month rather than 2 weeks. I’ve really been going through withdrawl this past week.

Usually I eat pretty well with a small treat here and there. I think psychologically that works better for me. But I can understand why these toxins need to be removed for a full month.

I’ve been eating more fruit on this plan than I did with Atkins – I think I still do need to be a bit careful with carbs. Weight remaining stable for now.

Really not feeling well physically and emotionally this week but they are definitely withdrawl symptoms rather than deficiency like before. Just gotta tough it out!

Still dreaming about almond milk shakes, whole cream in my coffee and a couple bites of cupcake (but maybe it should be gluten free).

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