A Minimalist Wardrobe (Preppy Version)

I got quite a surprising number of hits in response to my recent posting on Preppy Minimalism!

Due to the level of interest, I thought I’d share a preppy-inspired minimalist wardrobe concept I put together recently. Sorry guys – this is for women, but there are some great ideas for you at Daily Prep or Ivy Style.

This “capsule” starter or minimalist wardrobe was modeled after an article by Miss Minimalist. She is a “black-belt minimalist” though; my sample wardrobe is a little bit larger than hers. The Daily Prep blog was also a great source of inspiration.

These are just suggestions, not absolutes – feel free to modify or add more according to your own needs/taste/budget:

Navy blazer
Navy or gray slacks
Navy skirt
Navy cardigan
Navy dress (sleeveless is most versatile)
Navy heels
Navy ballet flats
Navy or gray wool pea coat

Khaki slacks
Khaki trench coat
Sperry Top-Siders (brown)

Dark wash jeans

4 short-sleeved or sleeveless sweaters or blouses
(suggested colors: red, white, blue, pink, kelly green, pale yellow, navy print)

White cotton shirt

Black cocktail dress
Black strappy evening sandals

Pearl earrings and necklace

Silk scarf: (See above colors. Check out Brooks Brothers or Hermes for pattern ideas, then you can shop for less pricey options).

Navy or saddle tan handbag for day, small black bag for cocktail

Conservative East Coast preps say that true navy is the most preppy. I personally prefer midnight navy (try Lands End or Pendleton). Ralph Lauren has a brighter navy; L.L. Bean has both. Whatever hue you choose, it’s easiest if they match. If you want to add more items, gray is another great preppy neutral color. White is also great in the summer.

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4 Responses to A Minimalist Wardrobe (Preppy Version)

  1. Better a little fire to warm us, than a great one to burn us.

  2. Heather says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your list..this is perfect. I love Navy too..much softer color and I think looks sharper. I wear Navy, red, white, black and khacki. I add turquoise and silver jewelry, a pink scarf and a red skinny belt to change this up, as I like these color combinations together. Classic is the way to go…for all ages…you never look out of style or frumpy. Thanks for the list.

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