The Preppy Minimalist?

I’ve been reading True Prep, a fun update to The Official Preppy Handbook.

Although preppiness is not usually associated with the minimalist aesthetic, I did note that the typically prep wardrobe has not really changed much in the 30 years since the original book was written.

Many people think of a minimalist’s wardrobe as being mostly black, and that’s often true. But there’s something to be said for more traditional garb. Button down shirts, khakis and wool separates wear well and can provide the basis for a classic foundation wardrobe. This results in less shopping for replacement clothing, and less worn-out or trendy clothes heading to the landfill/Goodwill. And less items in your closet, since these styles mix well with other clothing.

Inspired by “True Prep,” I think I’ll add a few preppy pieces to my wardrobe this spring – a bubblegum pink twinset and a kelly green cable-knit sweater, for a start!

UPDATE: I just found a great website with detailed style guides for selecting a classic wardrobe that will last for years: The Daily Prep. “True Prep” was a fun read, but this website actually provides the updated information I was hoping for when I read the book. A great resource!

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